Vais-te passar quando vires o que ela consegue fazer com um arco

Fantástico. Não sabíamos que alguém conseguia ter tanta habilidade com um simples arco mas pelos vistos é possível, especialmente vindo de alguém que tem quatro recordes no Guinness…

Wanted to take a new video for you guys but it's been raining all morning?

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Brookelynn Bley tem 23 anos de idade e é estudante de higiene oral em Chicago. Apesar de tudo, o seu grande sonho é viver do “hula-hoop”!

Ela começou a manusear o arco há cerca de quatro anos e desde então nunca mais parou. Diz que, apesar de tudo, o começo não foi fácil e que teve alguns meses de muita frustração. Agora, é uma verdadeira master. Confere alguns movimentos…

No Instagram, podemos ler algo como “Queen of the Ring”. Faz jus à alcunha…

Why do things not seem as sweet unless we have someone to share them with? Not even a partner or spouse, but even just a best friend. When we find something funny, we want to show someone so they join in the laughter too. When we find something that makes us happy, we want to share it with others so they are made happy by it as well. What is it about our biological lust for validation and affirmation? Why does my laughter not seem as pleasurable unless I have someone laughing with me? Why does loneliness drive humans into chaos to make decisions they normally wouldn't make? If human emotions are just chemical compounds, why are they so fucking complex? We can be in a room full of people and still feel repulsingly alone. You can want someone only because they don't show any interest in you. The emotional unavailability is so alluring. Almost as if it's a subconscious challenge… "can I finally convince them that I am worthy? That they should want me?" . Why do we need someone else to tell us how worthy we are? That the things we love are beautiful? That we are made of love. Why can't we so easily convince ourselves? We can trust other people's opinions before our own? ?✌?

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Que craque!